Robin Hood also made his return in this episode. What made you guys made you want to bring him back in this half of the season?

Kitsis: It’s kind of hard to answer that question until you see the second half. Regina, she’s going through some things this year. She lost Robin last year. She decided to cut off the dark side of herself. We realized that Regina has worked really hard at not being bad, but one thing she hasn’t worked on is her own happiness. She was on a path to move forward and now she’s in an alternate world with a Robin who was created by a wish. We’ll have to see what happens.

Can you guys talk about how similar the dream Robin is to the Robin we already know and love?

Horowitz: That’s a big question, and an important one, and one we certainly explore and get into as soon as we return.

Kitsis: What we can tell you is that if people think we just brought Robin back, he’s the same person and we’re just like, “Oh, he’s coming back to the show!” — that’s not what’s happening. It’s a new story. It’s a different Robin and they will enjoy it in March.

We had that big moment at the beginning of the season with the feather, where Regina was letting Robin go. What effect is even the possibility of having Robin back going to have?

Kitsis: We saw Regina choose faith. We saw her choose to believe in something even though there was no proof of it. She chose to move forward and not let herself get consumed by revenge or anger. I think that this story is really going to test that.

Horowitz: The significance of that feather from the beginning of the season comes back into play when we return.



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