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The role of Robin Hood has been recast and you succeeded Tom Ellis. Did you feel some pressure?
Sean Maguire: “Not really because Tom (Ellis) had only one episode. I do not personally know Tom, we have friends in common and I know he is a good actor. However, the role of Robin Hood has already been played by many movie stars and others. My first approach was to take the first page of the script and do what I can with it. Because if I start looking at what others have done with the role, I begin an endless pursuit. It’s my job to bring him (Robin Hood) to life. Of course he is an icon and a legendary figure. I try to make him human. I think of him as a father, a leader, someone who has lost a loved one. I am not playing the character as an icon but I give him human traits.”

Do you think Regina and Robin Hood may form a perfect couple?
Sean Maguire: “I think so. They are both leaders even if it is on the side of evil and him on the side of good, but they both have a son they love, they also both lost their love, and they are both strong characters. I think that this makes both feel attracted. The Queen is used to being feared, but Robin does not do that. She is strong and independent and can face him on the same level. I think that’s what attracts him to her and vice versa.”

Yet these two characters are not in the same camp?
Sean Maguire: “I don’t think one is born evil. Although the Queen did unorthodox things this does not mean that there is not a good person behind it that can be saved. And I think that’s what the show wants to convey as an idea: hope, love and faith.”

Did you know from the beginning that Marian was still alive?
Sean Maguire: “No. Not at all. I did not even know she was dead!”

Don’t you feel sad for Regina when she learns that Marian is alive?
Sean Maguire: “Indeed, it is sad. Of course Robin is happy that his wife is alive. But he had mourned her, thinking she was gone, and it took him some time. Obviously he has fallen for someone else now. It is a very complicated situation, but it helps make the drama even more interesting.

Don’t you think that Robin Hood left Regina the moment he found Marian again?
Sean Maguire: “When you have lost a loved one and they come back you want to touch them to see if they are real! What has not been shown is what happens after he kissed Marian and their son and Regina’s reaction after that. He reacted on instinct at that time. I think the new season will address this issue.”

Will we see more of Robin Hood and his Men?
Sean Maguire: “I do not know about that at all. But I would love to because I love the actors and love working with them. And I love being on the show and I would like to be involved as much as possible in it. However, this is a very broad ensemble and all actors are appreciated by the fans. So it’s not easy for the authors to split the screen time between all the characters. I will not impose myself. I think they (the creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis ) like to keep surprises until the end.”

Do you feel any pressure because you’re having a liaison with a fan favourite character: Regina?
Sean Maguire: “We are actors and we are in the service of the story. It does not affect the story and I do not feel it personally. The authors are truly gifted. They give us the script and they want it to be played exactly how they wrote it. You do not change it. I’m sure they have a clear plan for Regina and Robin and I do not know it.”

Lana Parrilla said during the panel that Robin Hood and Regina are destined to be together. What do you think?
Sean Maguire: “Lana (Parrilla) perhaps knows a little more than me because she plays an important character on the show. All that’s established by the authors is that the man with the lion tattoo is her soulmate and as Tinker Bell said, the pixie dust never lies. It seems possible that Regina and Robin will end up together, but we don’t know for how many seasons the show will continue. I do not think it’s logical to put them together before the end of the series. I guess they surely have more obstacles ahead of them.”

And this tattoo, does it take long to put it on your forearm?
Sean Maguire: “It’s a decal. It is quite simple to put on.”

Do you have favourite scenes?
Sean Maguire: “I liked the scene where Lana and I were having a picnic. I liked this scene because we had more time to film the scene because usually it’s pretty rushed. The director told us to play around and try to film the scene in different ways. Lana is such an experienced and talented actress that every time we did the scene she played it differently and every time we played the scene it was touching.”

You appeared in an episode of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland: What is your feedback on the experience?
Sean Maguire: “The experience was similar because it is the “little sister series” to Once Upon A Time. However, I enjoyed this experience because we could deal with the past of Robin Hood. We discovered a Robin Hood who was harder while in Once Upon A Time he is seen with his son or Regina and he is tenderer. In this episode I interact with Michael Socha who plays the Knave of Hearts and I told him: You get the fate you deserve. Robin does not say this in the sense of “I’m going to kill you”, but “I’ll ban you from the group and you will not be able to come back because we are people who steal to help the poor and not for our personal benefit.” He showed his moral and the man he is.”


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