I totally forgot to post this from Lana’s little interview with TV Guide.

At least there’s one thing your fans are unanimous about – Regina finally hitting the sack with Robin Hood!
I watched that episode with my mom and my nephews. [Laughs] And I was a little shocked! I think that’s the most action we’ve seen on our show in a long time – maybe ever! Of course, it wasn’t much. Regina had some tousled hair and one button undone, and you could see a bit of lingerie. But, hey, that’s a lot for us!

Will Robin choose Regina over his wife, Marian? Give us some hope here!
Something bigger than all of our characters will happen in our winter finale, and Robin must decide whether he’s going to stay with Marian and leave Storybrooke forever in order to save her life or stay with Regina, the woman he loves. Poor man! It’s a sad and horrible choice to make.


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