Here are some more infos on Sean’s return in the series finale.

Regina has had a handful of epic romances on Once Upon a Time, but few compare to her relationship with Robin Hood. While their love story is tragically cut short when Robin dies during season five, the lovebirds will finally have a reunion. Sean Maguire, who plays the infamous bandit, is among the many fan-favorite stars who are returning for the series finale! We sat down with Lana Parrilla, the actress who plays Regina, to discuss her directorial debut earlier this season, and we couldn’t help but ask what it was like reuniting with her costar and close friend.

“Sean just brings so much humor and light and comedy, so you’re going to get full of laughs when he was around,” she said. “He’s just very easy to get along with. He’s very easy to work with. I absolutely adore him. It was like he never left.” Of course, that is partly true. While the Robin Hood we all know dies during season five, Maguire did return to the show as an alternate “Wish Realm” version of the character during season six. Though, it seems we’ll be getting the “real deal” this time around.

“It felt really good to tell Robin’s and Regina’s story again,” Parrilla said about the “Outlaw Queen” reunion. “I really appreciate the dynamic that Regina and Robin had over the years. It was really fun to relive that again. Albeit brief, but it was still really fun to tell that story once again. It’s been one of my favorite love interests to date.” Honestly, same.

While there have been multiple theories about just exactly how Regina and Robin Hood will reunite — one being that they will reunite in the after life — Parrilla did tease that fans will be very satisfied with how Regina’s story ends. “I do [think fans will be satisfied], absolutely,” she said. “I think they’re going to love it.” Hopefully, this means Regina will finally get her happy ending. – Source

How does it feel to have the story come full circle?
It was so beautiful. Yeah, it does. And it’s in the same location. I’m happy for her. I know everyone’s been waiting for Regina’s happy ending and no one really could define what that is, and no one really knew what it was going to look like, and nor did I. I think once Robin died, it was really hard to foresee another love in her life. There was just so much time invested in that relationship, even though it was somewhat short-lived for a relationship, because you would hope it’s forever. But I’m happy with where her happy ending is at. – Source

Once Upon a Time fans are getting an Outlaw Queen reunion between Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) before the series ends! Parrilla dished to TV Guide about Maguire’s big return to the show while promoting her directorial debut episode airing Friday, Apr. 13.

“Yes, you will see Robin and Regina in a scene together,” Parrilla said. Maguire returns in the penultimate episode of the series, but it will be a magical reunion according to Parilla. “It is all of what you hoped. It’s beautiful and it’s Outlaw Queen. It’s their beautiful dream and their loving relationship.”

Regina may have started a little somethin’ somethin’ with Dr. Facilier (Daniel Francis) in recent episodes, but apparently the spark is still there between Maguire and Parrilla, who gushed about working with him again.

“For me, as the actor playing Regina, it was so much fun to tell that story once again,” she said. “I really missed working with Sean Maguire. It was so comfortable and so easy. It was a dynamic and relationship that I’ve always supported so it was really nice to have him back again.” – Source

Is it the real Robin Hood we’re seeing in the finale?
KITSIS: I sure hope so.
HOROWITZ: Can’t say, maybe, who knows, yes, no.Will Robin Hood meet his daughter?
KITSIS: Nope. – Source

Unfortunately, one reunion we definitely won’t get to see is between the two Robins. Robin Hood may be making his return, but the jam-packed series finale didn’t quite have enough time to introduce him to his kind-of daughter Robin (Tiera Skovbye). “When I initially had heard that he was going to be in the final episode, I was like, ‘I get to meet my dad!'” Skovbye says. “And then it didn’t quite pan out that way, which is sad. But I feel like it’s one of those shows where you leave a lot up to the imagination, especially the way we did tie it up, and they’ll meet in whatever world that they do.”

Don’t be so sad for Robin Hood just yet though! Lana Parrilla says the the scene between her character, Regina, and Robin Hood was one of her favorites to shoot for this finale. “It’s pretty special, and it was really fun to film. I love Sean Maguire, we get along well… and having him back for this scene that we end up doing, it just felt like he’d never left,” Parrilla says. – Source

Please tell me you got some Outlaw Queen scoop for Once Upon a Time’s finale! — Shira
I did indeed. We all know that Sean Maguire is putting in a return appearance, but when I asked Lana Parrilla if that meant Regina would finally get closure following Robin’s death, she played coy. “Yes and no,” she says. “It’s not so much closure. There’s a really beautiful moment that they share, but he represents a figure in her life when they come together. It’s interesting how they come together, it’s not at all what you think.” – Source


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