Amanda and Brittany got the chance to interview Sean for Once Upon A Podcast. Check out their awesome interview.

A few of our favorite moments:

[0:55] Sean talks about life in Vancouver with the rest of the OUAT cast
[5:40] On whether Robin Hood should form a support group with Hook and Charming for men in relationships with strong & stubborn women
[7:50] Sean discusses his approach to the character of Robin and his relationships, including the romance with Regina
[9:30] Some of his favorite scenes so far as Robin
[10:50] Which famous archer would Robin Hood go to battle with?
[11:45] Yes, it’s a question about frickle-frackle (!)
[12:50] The Disney movie Sean would like to spend a day in

Catch it on iTunes, or listen to it at their website.

Thanks a lot to both of them and Sean of course.



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