Robin Hood answers our burning questions to celebrate Season 5 of the hit fairytale drama.

Throughout movie and TV history, dozens of actors have stepped into the role of Robin Hood, the honorable thief of Sherwood. Now, it’s British actor Sean Maguire‘s turn. Since the third season of ABC’s fairytale drama Once Upon a Time, the actor has brought the sexiness and mad archery skills to the role. He’s also stirred up the drama by getting involved in some complicated love triangles (read: Regina vs. Marian).

To celebrate the Season 5 return of OUAT (airs Sunday 8/7c), the talented actor talked heroes, villains, and who he ships most. He also answered our 26 burning questions.

Actor who played Robin Hood the best (aside from yourself, of course): 
That would have to be Patrick Bergin. He played Robin in the film Robin Hood and also played my father in the film Songs for Amy. I think this is the first time that a father and son were both Robin Hood!

Best Robin Hood and Regina moment from OUAT:
Drinking wine by the fire because you really got to see them as a couple.

Character from OUAT you wouldn’t mind dating:
How ’bout Happy the Dwarf because he’s such an upbeat kinda person!

Describe yourself in one sentence:
Going to give you a one word answer: content.

Embarrassing story from the set of OUAT that you’re ready to share:
I showed up on the set for the first day of filming and was presented with a bow and arrow. Luckily, there was a professional archer there who gave me some lessons so I didn’t embarrass myself!

Fairytale character you’d like to see on OUAT:
I would love to see Baloo, the bear from The Jungle Book.

GIF that accurately describes how you feel today:
Anything my wife sends of my son makes me happy.

Hardest thing you’ve ever had to do on camera:
Kissing an actress, who will remain unnamed, on camera… No, you’ll never get it out of me!

Interesting person you met recently:
A gentleman named Devin Manky, a wild bird trainer… Absolutely amazing.

Job you’d have if you weren’t an actor:
Since I was a kid, all I really wanted to be was a writer, director, or actor. That said, I’m very interested in the political  process and could see myself involved in government in some way.

Karaoke song you slay:
There are no songs I slay, but if I were forced at gunpoint to sing karaoke it would have to be to Elvis’ “Suspicious Minds”.

Last TV show you binge-watched:
I’m currently binge watching all of The West Wing (for the second time) again and The Newsroom. Aaron Sorkin can do no wrong in my book.

Meme you’re really loving right now:
I don’t have one. You pick. (Editors note: Okay!)

Nicest thing a fellow actor has ever done for you:
The great Jack Lemmon coined a phrase that I try to emulate. It’s “send the elevator back down” which means once you’ve gotten some success it’s your responsibility to help and guide the next generation.

One sentence that describes your music career:

Person you admire most:
Doctors Without Borders.

Question you’d ask a historic figure and who would you ask:
I would give anything to sit down with President Kennedy and discuss the Cuban missile crisis.

Revelations you’ve had about your OUAT co-stars since you started working with them:
They’re all superheroes and, on weekends, dress up like superheroes and save lives.

Song that never fails to pump you up:
“Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News.

TV show from the ’80s you wouldn’t mind starring in:
The A-Team was always a favorite when I was a kid growing up.

Up-and-coming band you hope makes it big soon:
Ultan Conlon, who is an Irish artist and a good pal of mine. He’s a great singer- songwriter whose music is kind of folk. It’s melodic, thoughtful, and memorable.

Villain from OUAT you actually really love:
That’s easy — My girl Regina!

Who would you say you ship most on OUAT:
I’ll leave the shipping to my fans.

Since we will not ask for your favorite “X word,” we will simply ask for your shameless plug here:
Go out and buy Ultan Conlon’s albums… They’re brilliant.

YouTube video you’re showing all of your friends:
Kung fu auditions.

If you didn’t know Zimbio was an entertainment site, what would you think “a Zimbio” was?
I thought it was a website for Zombies.

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