Adam and Eddy talked the The Hollywood Reporter about Sunday’s episode.

With Robin trying to decide whether he will raise this baby with Zelena, will Regina keep interfering, or will she accept that they have to live in some dysfunctional family?

Kitsis: We’ve never played the whole Zelena, Robin, Regina thing as a love triangle, because obviously Zelena fooled Robin. It’s more of exploring how you deal with this crazy third member of the family. As always, Zelena’s going to test them, and what she’s going to test most in Regina is that she’s trying really, really hard to not revert back to being the Evil Queen, yet Zelena just makes her want to reach in, grab her heart, and crush it.

Will Regina allow Robin to have this new family?

Kitsis: I don’t think Regina would ever want to prevent Robin from being with his child. I think that it’s really tough with her and she’s going to have a lot to deal with and juggle the next few episodes.

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