There are a lot of brilliant movies coming out in 2015, and one of them is the upcoming film from director Leif Bristow, titled The Cove. Apart from the fact that we knew the movie was starring 50 Shades of Grey and Lost Girl actress Rachel Skarsten and Once Upon A Time actor Sean Maguire, not much else was known. Until now. Kyle Butcher had a chat to the two stars from LA about their upcoming appearance in The Cove and their upcoming trip to Australia for Supanova.

What are the plans for your free days around Supanova in Australia?

Rachel Skarsten: “I’m so excited! Melbourne actually stole one of my very best friends from childhood so I will be spending some time with her, which I’m very excited about. I’m looking forward to going to the Gold Coast, because some of my friends went to Bond University, which I’ve heard a lot about. Its super clichéd, but I really want to see a Koala (laughs).”

Sean Maguire: “I was in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide about 15 years ago and I’ve been meaning to come back. One of the actresses on Once Upon A Time is Australian, Georgina Haig, who played Elsa, and so she will be showing us around Melbourne with her partner. We’re going to stop by Sydney before the Gold Coast, and then my wife and I are going on our honeymoon.”

The Cove is slated for a 2015 release. How does the plot go?

R: “We start the movie with a young married couple arriving in Malta, and we learn that they’ve lost their baby in a fire. Obviously there’s a great deal of grief and marital discourse between them. At first you really sympathize with my character, the heroine of the film, and then, as the movie progresses, you actually start to learn about what happened in the marriage and what happened with the baby. I guess in the way it’s a whodunit, but there are many twists and turns. I can’t say any more because I might ruin the movie, but even I was surprised when I read it because I didn’t really see the ending coming!”

The stories behind the filming are always great. What’s your favourite behind-the-scenes moment?

R: “Sean is new to twitter, and so is Callum. Sean came on for Once Upon A Time, and Callum just came on just because he wants to be cool, and they didn’t really understand how to tweet, so myself and one of the other actresses, Jessica Ellerby, taught them the lingo. It was so funny because they’d try and slip it in to conversation, like the hashtag #SoManyFeels, and Sean would be like ‘oh yeah haha, so many feels.’ It was too funny.”

S: “(laughs) Yeah, Callum and I did what you’re never supposed to do, which was engage when people are being not so nice (on Twitter). It was all a bit of a giggle, the set was a crazy working environment and not at all a normal set, let’s just say that. Nonetheless, it was a fun experience.”

So Rachel, how different was it working on 50 Shades of Grey compared to The Vow with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum?

R: “Channing and Rachel at the time were bona fide celebrities, whereas Jamie (Dornan) and Dakota (Johnson) could still walk down the street without everyone knowing exactly who they were, so that was a little intimidating, especially since I’m such a big fan of Rachel McAdams. I’ve probably watched The Notebook with my friends about 1700 times. They were so lovely though, and Channing Tatum especially was so respectful and was such a gentleman. I have nothing but good things to say about them. It was more of a relaxed atmosphere compared to 50 Shades, because the books were so popular, and so everything was secretive. We’d have to hand in our scripts at the end of the day, and we’d have to wear housecoats to the set, so I sort of felt like I was in the CIA!”

Sean’s portrayal of Robin Hood has been a fan favourite on the hit TV series Once Upon A Time. Will we get to see more of Robin Hood this season? Will he return for Season 5?

S: “Yep! Not this episode, but the following one centers around Robin Hood where we find out how he became Robin Hood, and that explains his origin to some degree. Over the course of the season there tends to be an episode that focuses on one particular character, or something happens like when Elsa comes in and is the protagonist for half the season. It’s terrific about Robin and his background. As for season 5, I certainly hope so, however I couldn’t tell you even if I did know, which I don’t. They keep the stories close to their chests, which I understand now because it’s very difficult to keep these sort of things under wraps, especially when a few secrets have almost been revealed already this season.”

Whether you are excited for The Cove, or are more interested in Rachel Skarsten and Sean Maguire’s roles in Lost Girl and Once Upon A Time respectively, you will still be able to catch them in Australia next month all the same. The pair will be touching down on the Gold Coast for Supanova Pop Culture Exhibition from April 17-19, with tickets available at the door and from Moshtix.

Source: Blank Gold Coast


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