I won’t comment on this. You can take from it what you want.

During the panel, you hinted not to trust Hades. Can you elaborate on that?

AH: What we were talking about, to be perfectly clear, isn’t that Robin’s not dead. It’s that Hades said he obliterated Robin’s soul, and for us, our attitude is, well, you know, a good and pure soul like Robin’s, could that really just be obliterated and destroyed? Or is that just something that a horrible villain like Hades said?

EK: When I said “I chose to believe in hope” [during the panel], what I meant was I believe that Robin Hood, his soul moved on as we saw Cora’s did. So if we saw someone who is as awful as Cora can redeem herself and move on, someone as noble as Robin Hood should move on, and Hades saying that, to me, I feel like is, I don’t buy it. And we’re going to explore that.



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