Once Upon a Time’s Regina and Robin are said to be soul mates, and as we know soul mates tend to have a deep connection. Will that connection be explored? –Ana
First, Regina needs to recover from the thief’s declaration of love, which despite the smile she met it with is perhaps the last thing she needed to hear. “It complicates everything,” Lana Parrilla notes. “It’s easy if he says, ‘I’m an honorable man. I have to stay with my wife.’ As hard as that is to hear, it’s also what she admires about him. But when he says, ‘I love you and I know I should be doing the right thing but my heart lies elsewhere,’ even though Mary Margaret and Henry say, ‘This is something to celebrate,’ Regina doesn’t see it that way. She finds it harder to walk away from him knowing what he feels about her.”

Source: TV Line


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