TV’s Top 13 Couples of 2014

Love is such a magical thing, especially when it happens on-screen. Viewers are given the perfectly constructed build-up to the moment of the first kiss, the doubts that set in immediately after the kiss, the inevitable, dramatic coupling scene and all the wondrous relationship ups and downs that follow. TV writers just know how to tell a love story. And 2014 was a great year for love. We saw many ups and even more downs, but we’re definitely entering 2015 on a high and happy note.

Regina and Robin, Once Upon a Time

It’s about time, you two! Thank goodness Regina stopped fighting her obvious love for Robin and let them have a steamy makeout sesh. One that we all desperately needed. I get it, though. Putting Robin’s happiness above her own is growth for Regina. That’s something she’s never done before. But that also means that what they have is true love and she just needs to lean into it. So more steamy makeouts, please.



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