Can I just say how much I love Sean’s second role on The Magicians. I’m so excited to see him in this role and I can’t wait to see what happens between him and Eliot.

I updated the gallery with 305 HD Screencaptures and 6 HQ stills from the episode and the special feature “Making Magic” where Hale Appleman talks about meeting Sean’s character for the first time and also added all HD clips to the video archive. Enjoy!

Also, here is a little insight on how Sean came to be the Dark King. I love the fact that they loved Sean so much that they kept him on the show as two characters.

After letting our imaginations run rampant for the first couple of episodes, one new door is the Dark King, whose identity has now been revealed! Fun fact – Sean Maguire, the actor portraying him, is ALSO Sir Effingham. We loved his work as Sir Effingham so much that we cast him twice. Here’s what happened: during the process of casting the Dark King, we were struggling to find an actor we felt fit the role. But then our Casting Director, Carrie Audino, suggested Sean. Our first thought was, he’s already playing Sir Effingham… But Carrie reminded us that no one can recognize his true identity with all those prosthetics. And just like that, we found our Dark King. We like to be efficient on The Magicians!


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